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This is a three part series to learn FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management) as a model for women’s reproductive health.  The three sessions will cover: 1) how hormones influence your health and how to chart your hormonal activity, 2) how to identify healthy patterns or health problems, and 3) how to mange your fertility.

What is FEMM?

FEMM is a knowledge and prevention-based reproductive health program which teaches women to understand and monitor their hormonal and other vital signs of health at all stages of reproductive life.

How long does this method take to learn?

The FEMM course is a three part series.  Each session is typically done about three to four weeks apart.  You will have about three cycles charted by the time course is completed.  However, you will have lifetime access to this class!

What is the format for this class?

  • The FEMM fertility awareness method is taught in a clear, accessible way, and clients have access to printable cycle charts, family planning protocols, practice exercises, and other essential handouts. 

  • The classes are self-paced and online, and are yours to access for life!

  • Expert analysis and feedback of 3 consecutive cycle charts, outlining points of strength or areas of concern in each of your cycles. Personal referrals to competent medical professionals are provided for evaluation of any unhealthy patterns or symptoms.

  • 3 follow up coaching sessions, plus email support and encouragement as you work through learning this method.



Lifetime access to the class and the materials costs $125 and is due at the time of registration.

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