Mother-Daughter Program

The Mother-Daughter Programs explores God’s special gift of human fertility and the beauty and wonder of God’s plan for growing up and becoming a woman.  This program is designed for girls who are awaiting the first menstrual period, but have begun to show outward signs of puberty. This program will teach girls to observe cervical mucus to help pinpoint when their first menstrual period will start.​


The purpose of the programs is to provide an atmosphere of love and learning to discuss the important topic of growing up and to establish a foundation for continued communication between parent and child. 

More information coming soon!  Please feel free to reach out to us at with questions!

Topics Covered:

  • the changes in a young woman’s body as it prepares for motherhood

  • the onset of ovulation and subsequent menstrual periods

  • how to make basic cervical mucus observations

  • the functions of the female reproductive system

  • the sacredness of human life

  • the virtue of chastity

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