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Intro to Charting for Teens

Intro to Charting for Teens is a class for young women (ages 9-15) to attend with their mothers or female mentors. This class is offered online via Zoom or as a recorded session that can be viewed at your convenience.  It includes an introduction to observations and tracking menstrual cycles using a paper chart.

This class does not teach the full Creighton Model System and is not to be used for Family Planning. However, this class is a great introduction to charting and will prepare teens to transition into to the full Creighton Model Charting System at the age of 16.


A Chart Review with a FertilityCare Practitioner is optional but recommended when needed or seeking a NaPro Technology Referral.

Topics Covered:

  • Communication

  • Self Care/ SPICE

  • Female anatomy

  • Basic biomarker observations (period and cervical mucus)

  • Basic charting

  • ​Intro to NaPro

  • Technology for single women (treatment for PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS, Endometriosis)

  • Health and Feminine Hygiene

  • Self value and Respect

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