Is NFP compatible with military life?

Life in the military can be challenging, and not just for the service member. Deployments, long hours, and frequent moves can add significant strain to marriages and family life. However, even with those added challenges, military families have found that they can successfully use a variety of Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. My upcoming blog series will spotlight a handful of NFP methods that are widely used and include personal testimonies from military families on how they successfully used NFP in their marriage. Would you mind sharing your story to inspire others? Feel free to include details such as: How did you pick your NFP method? Did you try a few methods until you decided

Does NFP really work?

“What do you call a couple who uses Natural Family Planning (NFP)...Parents.” “You practice NFP?...Are you trying to start your own TV show with all those kids?” These are some jokes that are often told about couples who practice NFP. Everyone seems to assume that a natural form of family planning can’t be used effectively to plan the size of your family, and instead you will end up with dozens of children. Contrary to popular belief, NFP works! Perfect use of NFP is 99.5% effective in avoiding pregnancy, and the typical use (when user error is taken into consideration) is 94.6%-97.9% effective (depending on the method). Some benefits of using NFP: It is complete healthcare: When a woman

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